11 of the best nail designs of 2022


Nail Art Designs for Summer

The best classic manicures with stylish, yet subtle nail art for Summer 2022

1. Classic Nude Nail Art:
Nude nails are a classic: whether you choose long or short acrylic nails, you can never go wrong with a color that makes your complexion glow.
If you are interested in a classic & timeless look, choose a simple set of nude nails. This look is suitable for short and long acrylic nails, including nails of different shapes.


2. Nude pink with glitter:
These simple nude nails are perfect for anyone who wants a classy & elegant look. Add a little sparkle to decorate your look.
Stylish Short Nude Nails with Sequins
If you're looking for something that looks really neat, we might have something for you. Keep your nails short with this lovely nude manicure. Don't forget to cover some nails with gold glitter!


3. Ombre Nude Nails:
What I love about the nail designs below is their creativity. The next two pictures show unique ombre style nail designs that you can consider.
These ombré nude nails are suitable for anyone. Adjust your nudes to suit your personal taste.


4. Confetti Nails:
To be beautiful, you need gems.
If you love the look of confetti, you'll love these fun confetti nails. Choose your favorite color for your dots.
Short Coffin Nail Designs and Ideas
Contoured nail polishes are so chic, perfect for office sophistication & evening drinks! You'll love the high gloss beautiful designs for amazing nail polish results!


5. Wedding Nails:
If you need to attend an event, such as B. a wedding, these nails are perfect for you. They combine simple nude nails with eye-catching silver glitter.
There will be plenty of wedding photos that will shift the focus from your face & dress to your hands. From saying yes, where you wear your ring, to holding a bouquet for most of the day, & more. Because of this, your wedding nails and wedding nail designs must be unique to you and match your chosen wedding theme.


6. Cow Nails:
Combine fun animal prints with your favorite colors for the ultimate cute nail design. These nails combine a cow print with pink nails.
Cow print nail design. It's a playful, outgoing, summer-friendly update you didn't know your mani needed. One of the best things about the look of cowhide nails is its deceptive simplicity. Unlike the sheer precision required for even plain French, tiny imperfections in this case will only add to your mottled look.


7. Pink and Black Glitter:
With this striking look, your nails will be the talk of the town. What makes these nails so unique is the addition of black nail polish styled with colorful glitter.
You can be feminine and look bad at the same time. Black is an edgy color that contrasts with the feminine pink. Mix and match the two together and you've got the perfect balance for a serious rock-chic look.


8. Light brown with black design:
Stand out from the crowd with these light brown or nude nails. Each nail has a different design. Get creative with the designs you use on your nails.
Tan nail designs were very popular in the past. Simple brown nail designs with a glossy finish have been a signature style for the past two to three years. Matte tan nail designs were not popular in the classic era.


9. Aqua Blue with Pink Gradient
Ombre Nails is a nail polish color (or gel color) manicure made with gradients. Often, the lighter color at the tip of the nail will slowly fade to the darker color at the base of the nail.
These ombré nails are perfect for spring & summer. I love how they add a little sparkle to give this look a special touch


10. Elegant coffin nails:
These coffin nails are very elegant. They can be worn on special occasions like weddings; however, they are also great for everyday use. Switch up the colors used on your nails to suit your personal taste and personality.
Coffin nails can be short or long. The longer they are, the more attractive they are on your hand. Nail lovers all over the world wear this manicure look and enjoy the view.


11. White Flame:
I love the look of flame nail designs. These white flame nails look great & fit a variety of nail shapes. You can also make your designs in your favorite colors.
Flame nails may sound a little tacky, and that's because they are. However, flame nails can be tacky and super cute at the same time. seriously. This is real.
But when we talk about flames on our nails, we're not just talking about red & yellow flames. We're talking pastels, hearts, holographic overlays.