How to find a job.

How to find a job

How to find a job

The job search process is not limited to meeting the criteria set by employers only, and in view of the strong competition for jobs, it is necessary to choose the person who is distinguished from among the applicants for the job, and the following are the most important methods and tips for searching for a job:

CV processing

The job seeker needs to prepare a CV while ensuring that its information is constantly updated when applying to each job, as well as reviewing the information contained in it and correcting errors, if any, in addition to that, the dates included in them must be verified and job roles must be correctly formulated, and it is worth noting that it is important. Call back the references mentioned in the CV; To make sure they are still willing to give their opinion on the qualifications of the person applying for the job.

Marketing for the self

Self-marketing can be done by creating a profile on LinkedIn and other specialized sites, where strong profiles are considered a professional mark for their owner that enables him to attract the attention of the recruitment department or human resources officials and employers in a professional manner, as well as give a positive and strong impression on the owner. As a candidate it has to be taken into consideration for the vacancy.

Take advantage of personal relationships

Personal network is one of the best ways to find a job, as these relationships may help you conduct a direct job interview with the hiring manager and bypass HR officials, as this can be done by telling friends, family members, classmates, and others that they are looking for work, and asking them if they have them. Any important information about jobs available in the companies in which they work, or whether they know people who work in other companies looking for employees, and in the event that they want to work in a specific company, it is advisable to try to form relationships with people who work in them and try to reach the people who influence the recruitment process In the company.

Searching for a job online

You can search for jobs on the Internet in several ways, including the following:
  • Visit the website of the company for which the person would like to apply for a job, then search for a link with the word jobs in Arabic or (Careers) in English, and submit the employment application.
  • Using job search sites that advertise thousands of jobs daily, as these sites allow the job seeker to use keywords to be able to find the jobs he is looking for.
  • Using the university job board during university studies, as many universities provide jobs in the fields in which they are taught.

Prepare for a job interview

Preparing for a job interview gives the person a sense of confidence and comfort during the interview, and this is done by searching in advance for common questions in job interviews and preparing answers to them and practicing them. A friend can also be used to conduct a training interview, and it is worth noting that the applicant can show his enthusiasm and interest in the job through Sending a thank you letter to the hiring manager after conducting the job interview, then calling or sending an e-mail to know the response related to the acceptance to the job after one week of the interview, in addition to continuing to search for work while awaiting a response.

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