How to take care of the skin.

How to take care of the skin

Oily skin care Oily skin must be taken care of through the following:

Wash oily skin twice per day, use gentle soaps, such as glycerine, and avoid strong soaps and detergents.

Use blotting papers, as these papers help reduce oily skin oils, and are used as needed and throughout the day.

- Using honey, as it is one of the most distinctive natural remedies for the skin, as it is characterized by being anti-bacteria and germs, so it is used on oily skin to protect it from acne, and raw natural honey is placed on the skin, and left for ten minutes until it dries, and after that it is washed Face with warm water.

- Use cosmetic clay, or healing clay, as this clay helps absorb oily skin oil, in addition to treating many skin problems, for example green French clay, which is a popular treatment for acne and oily skin, and to make a mask of green clay follow the following:

  •  Add water or rose water to a teaspoon of green clay, and mix well until the mixture holds.
  •  Apply the clay mixture to the face, and leave it to dry.
  •  Wash the face with warm water and pat dry.

- Make a tomato mask, as tomatoes contain salicylic acid, which helps absorb excess skin oils, and also helps open the clogging of skin pores, and treats acne problem, and to make a tomato mask, follow the following:
Add a teaspoon of sugar to the pulp of the tomato.

  •  Wipe the skin in a circular motion.
  •  Leave the mask on for five minutes.
  •  Wash the face with warm water, and dry it well, noting that the tomato pulp or tomato slices are used only on the skin.

Dry skin care Dry skin is taken care of by using a mixture of banana, honey, and sweet almond oil to moisturize dry skin, and the mixture is made by mixing half a ripe banana, a spoonful of honey, and a spoonful of sweet almond oil (or olive oil), then put The mixture is on the skin, and left for a period of 5-10 minutes, then wash the skin with warm water, and it is advised to make sure that the skin is not sensitive to the ingredients of skin care recipes, so it is preferable to test the recipe by placing a small portion on a small area of ​​the skin before applying it all over the face.

- Combination skin care is preferred to work on cleaning mixed skin naturally, and this is by using honey, especially raw honey, because it contains properties that help treat dry skin, maintain skin moisture, in addition to containing vitamin B and many minerals. Antioxidants, honey is a disinfectant, as it fights acne in oily areas of combination skin by limiting the growth of bacteria on the skin.