The goal of the job

The goal of the job

The following are the most important job objectives:

  •  Achieving personal goals: Job and work are one of the means to achieve and reach goals, and it should be noted that achieving goals is not only limited to working life and employment. Rather, life goals can be related to family, hobbies and community service, and the more activity and hard work increases the likelihood of reaching these goals. Objectives. 
  •  A sense of productivity: The individual's obtaining a job aims to enhance his sense of satisfaction with himself and his sense of achievement, while this positivity may turn into negative as a result of the individual facing some problems and difficulties that affect the feeling of achievement during the day; It is therefore advisable to create and accomplish a daily to-do list to ensure a feeling of productivity and accomplishment.
  •  Creativity and innovation: the creation of productive ideas and creativity are among the most important goals of the job. The job helps the individual to create new ideas and products, and modern technology has facilitated the achievement of that continuous development and progress that will make life easier.
  •  Earning money: The individual's need for money to provide for his own needs and the requirements of a decent life and to reach the required standard of living is one of the job goals, but this is not necessarily the main and most important goal of the individual's work The individual should set a specific material goal for himself that he works to reach in order to achieve his material needs, in addition to the necessity to achieve a balance between the amount of what he earns and the various expenditures.
  •  Independence: The job aims to give the individual independence and freedom to control his life and decisions. The job also gives the individual an opportunity to learn, develop oneself, acquire new skills, and form friendships and relationships with people in working life.
  •  Social communication: the job can increase the individual's skills in social communication and make him an effective element in building and prospering society, as the work environment contributes to achieving these advantages through the individual's communication with his colleagues.

The importance of getting the job

The following are some of the advantages that a job gives to an individual:

  •  Obtaining a steady income: The job gives the individual financial stability through the monthly income he gets from the job.
  •  Improving mental and physical health: Individuals who work in a job enjoy a more happy and stable life and better mental and physical health compared to those who lost their jobs or stopped working for some reason.
  •  A sense of accomplishment: Having a stable job is one of the reasons for a person's feeling of achievement, satisfaction and self-confidence.
  •  Development and progress: The job gives the individual the opportunity to acquire new skills, develop himself, and discover his strengths and talents that he did not know before.

How to find a job

It is advisable to prepare well before searching for a job in order to increase the chances of obtaining it, and preparation begins with amending and updating the CV upon applying for each job, and to ensure the accuracy of the information and experiences included in it, and free of any errors, then prepare for work interviews by preparing appropriate answers to the most common questions in Interviews give the individual calm and self-confidence during the interview, and it is also recommended to attend seminars and workshops that enable the person to get to know the recruiting officials in companies, and to keep him informed of the latest available vacancies, and it is also recommended to join organizations that are interested in the field of work in which he wants to find a job.